Mr. Rajesh Murthy

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Mr. Rajesh Murthy

Founder Architect & Vice President Engineering


Rajesh Murthy is the Founder Architect and Vice President of Engineering at Intellicus Technologies, a data integration and BI product company. Being the Founder Architect and VP of the company, Rajesh spearheads numerous responsibilities including Product Development/Design, Engineering, and Marketing and Sales.


In 2004, he led this spin off and the company then went on to acquire more than 15,000 customers.  He further initiated patented innovative techniques in the area of data processing and visualization for Intellicus. He also strategizes business growth and works with clients to deliver transformative scalable solutions while ensuring project success.


A graduate in Electronics Engineering from UCVE, Bangalore, Rajesh has vast experience of over 20 years in BI technology. Starting his career as a Database Administrator, he then worked as a DB technologies coach at Tata Unisys Ltd. He has ticked off some significant milestones during his professional expedition. Rajesh has designed data models and written data programs for SBI, UTI, RPG, to name a few in India. Further, during his tenure, he went on to create high-volume data processing and reporting layers for 3M and Walgreens. Along with Intellicus, he also serves as VP of Engineering for Kyvos Insights, a BI accelerator layer for big data BI stacks.


Rajesh aims to make Intellicus amongst one of the top 10 BI technology companies in India while creating a world-class BI technology product. Going forward, he envisions expanding the company’s footprint to newer territories and bringing more innovation to the product as per market dynamics.